International Bad Products Awards


The martini shaker and garlic express didn't win; the jury had bigger fish to fry. Consumers International, "the only independent global campaigning voice for consumers, building a powerful international consumer movement to help protect and empower consumers everywhere." has chosen the winners of the International Bad Products Awards, given " to highlight failings of corporate responsibility and the abuse of consumer trust by internationally recognized brands."

Winners (if you can call them that) for this year are:

Coca-Cola – for continuing the international marketing of its bottled water, Dasani, despite admitting it comes from the same sources as local tap water.

Kellogg’s – for the worldwide use of cartoon-type characters and product tie-ins aimed at children, despite high levels of sugar and salt in their food products.

Mattel – for stonewalling US congressional investigations and avoiding overall responsibility for the global recall of 21 million products.

With the overall prize going to:

Takeda Pharmaceuticals – for taking advantage of poor US regulation and advertising sleeping pills to children, despite health warnings about pediatric use. ::International Bad Products Awards via ::PSFK

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