Instructables Earthjustice Efficiency Winners Announced

Instructables and Earthjustice are happy to announce the winners of the Earthjustice United States of Efficiency Contest! We asked you to provide Instructables in the name of energy efficiency and the outpouring of ideas was fantastic! Thank you all for submitting your entries.

Some of the biggest ideas are also the smallest and the grand prize winner is all about providing power for an iPhone or iPod wherever the sun is shining. With such an appealing idea it has already sparked a lot of discussion from others who have recreated the Instructable and made their own modifications to it. We hope that the idea continues far into the future.

More Winners After the JumpI was one of the contest judges, and I was happy to see some of my favorites make the top of the cut. For me it was all about practical or useful ideas that would have appeal to as many people as possible, and hopefully make it easier to convert other folks into making green choices.

A few favorites I voted for included:

Kitchen Sink Faucet with Foot Peddle - Simple idea, huge impact

How to insulate your house/loft

Self water garden from AC runoff

To see a list of all the winners head over to the Instructables site.

Maybe you'll be inspired to enter their newest "Get in the Garden" contest.