Inside the New GOP-Run, Styrofoam-Filled Congressional Cafeteria (Photos)


Yesterday I reported that, in a political nose-thumbing to Nancy Pelosi and the Democrats, the GOP had ditched the biodegradable food packaging that they'd used for four years in the House cafeteria -- and were bringing back old school, trashy Styrofoam. This struck a nerve with folks, who recognized the move for what it is: a huge step backwards. And one of the people it ticked off the most just so happens to be someone who has to eat lunch in the Styrofoam-laden cafeteria every day now. Yes, an anonymous staffer who works in Congress snapped some photos and sent them over to TreeHugger. Here's a look at how our forward-thinking leadership has chosen to eat:


Behold, our leaders' vision for the future of eating! Along with the biodegradable packaging, the GOP canceled the composting program, too. So all of this stuff is heading straight to the landfill (which is really the only thing you can do with Styrofoam anyways, as few materials are more impossible to reuse ).


Our contact also sent over his account of how much Styrofoam our Representatives are plowing through at lunch:

It was actually kind of funny. As soon as a trash can started to go over the rim, one of these guys would come push it down and take it out. I had to move my lunch over to that trash can there in order to snap a decent picture in time! The guys on the job didn't seem too happy about working twice as fast either ... They had these guys emptying them every ten minutes, it was tough!

So, the Congressional cafeteria has transformed from a pretty sustainable operation that minimized and reused packaging and food waste into a Styrofoam-stuffed dump where accumulating, non-biodegradable trash needs to be cleared out every ten minutes. Nice.

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