Inhofe's Big Trip to Copenhagen to Rail Against Global Warming 'Hoax' Only Lasts Two Hours


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There was much ado, especially in the conservative press, about America's global warming denier numero uno, Sen. James Inhofe heading to Copenhagen. He was reportedly going to show up at the climate talks with a "truth squad" comprised of other skeptical Republican congressmen to embark on a "fact finding mission" to expose the great "global warming hoax." Sounds like a pretty grand mission. And today, he arrived--here's what went down. He got off the plane with a single staffer , held a press conference, said a few more dopey things about climate change being a hoax, and got back on the plane. His entire trip lasted only a couple hours, and evidently his "truth squad" was too embarrassed to join him.

The Boston Globe reports:

Inhofe, who held an impromptu press conference in the Bella Center, said the chances of passage of pending climate and energy legislation were "zero" and would remain so if such a bill was financially harmful to Americans in any way. He said the recent hacking, and publishing, of e-mails from a prominent climate change research group at East Anglia University in England showed that "the science has been debunked."
And that was it. He got up, and went home. Yet a Fox News article hilariously dressed up the event and framed it as though Inhofe's life were in danger--entitled Sen. Inhofe in Lion's Den in Copenhagen, it breathlessly exclaimed: "The leading global warming skeptic in the U.S. Senate shocked reporters in Copenhagen with a dose of American reality with his prediction Thursday morning that the U.S. Senate will not pass a carbon 'cap and trade' bill." Wow--way to show the world a 'dose of American reality'. That phrase may unfortunately be more accurate than even the dim-witted Fox blogger who wrote it realized--after all, less Americans feel that global climate change is a pressing issue than citizens from just about any other nation. Fox continues:
Surrounded by reporters from around the world, including many who believe global warming is real, Inhofe often looked like a lamb on his way to slaughter. "Most of you are on the far left side, so listen closely. I contend the consensus is not there."
How exciting. What a hero--getting off his plane, holding a press conference, and going home. Well, I guess I do have to thank Inhofe for giving me the biggest laugh out of the whole Copenhagen proceedings--no offense, Eugene.

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