Infographic reveals how tuna industry is tainted by abuse

not just tuna
© Greenpeace

Tuna producers are notorious for unethical labor and unsustainable fishing. It's time to learn more and take action.

Listen to the story of Min Min Thein and Kyaw Moe Thu, and it will make you never want to touch a can of tuna again. In a video made by Greenpeace, the two Thai men describe how they were tricked by human trafficking agents into working on a large tuna vessel in Indonesian waters. They had been promised good onshore jobs, but once removed from their communities, they were detained for several months and then forced into work they didn’t want. They stayed at sea for periods of time ranging from 4 months to over a year, unable to escape, often sleep-deprived, and beaten for not working quickly enough.

The tuna industry is rife with violence, slavery, and abuse of all forms. Thai Union is the world’s largest tuna provider and owner of Chicken of the Sea in the United States, among many other brands. The company has failed to clean up its act, despite recent media scrutiny and a ‘yellow card’ issued by the European Union to Thailand for its unethical and unsustainable fishing practices.

Greenpeace is working hard to spread awareness of the corruption within the industry. The following infographic explains more of what goes on in the fishing boats, hidden away from public view.

Not Just Tuna infographic© Greenpeace (used with permission)

Take action by signing Greenpeace's petition that calls on Chicken of the Sea to improve its standards. You can also scroll further down to see related articles on TreeHugger.

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