An infographic guide to eight important city parks

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There are a few things about infographics that are bothersome; most often don't convey more information than words could, and image-based ones ignore the greatest thing about the web, the hyperlink. This one is different; Luxe hotel chain Fairmont is showing maps of parks, which are hard to do in words, with what I think is useful information. They have a zillion unclickable links worth of backup at the bottom, but when I asked them for real HTML links they sent them to me and I include them way down at the bottom underneath the infographic. If the images are too small here, see it full size at Fairmont Hotels.

How many have you been in? I have been in six and cycled in three, most recently Stanley Park in Vancouver, which I think is the nicest of any I have seen.

An infographic guide to eight important city parks
Because no city is complete without a great park.

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