India's National Solar Mission Details Leaked - 20GW by 2020, 3 Mil. Homes With Solar-Powered Lighting, More

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Last month The Hindu managed to get a look at a draft of the India's National Solar Mission plan and saw that installing 20 GW of solar power by 2020 is on the table. Now Reuters has gotten a look too, confirming some details and fleshing out others. It's not likely to be formally announced until September, but this is what we now know about it:Details Could Change Somewhat, But 20GW Target Will Definitely Stay
Confirmed is the 20 GW of solar power by 2020 goal, as is the $19 billion government investment over the entire 30 year scheme.

To that Reuters adds that the program would be done in three phases, staring with 1-1.5 GW of solar being installed by 2012, in addition to steps to reduce the cost of manufacturing solar panels as well as spurring domestic production.

An unnamed senior climate official told Reuters that the draft they saw should not change that much by the time it is formally announced, and that the target of 20 GW will definitely be included.

Hotels, Hospitals, Govt Buildings Mandated to Use Solar Power
Furthermore, making use of solar-powered equipment would be mandatory in hospitals, hotels and government buildings. Some 3 million households would get solar-powered lighting -- made possible through micro-finance loans.

Reuters says that the plan hints at a national net metering program also being included in the draft document, but doesn't provide greater details.

All told, the plan is projected to cut India's greenhouse gas emissions by some 42 million tons per year.

UPDATE: Greenpeace now has a full copy of the draft available for anyone who wants to take a look at it. It's labelled final draft, April 29, 2009.

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