India Proud For Its Own Nobel Peace Prize Winner

As yesterday morning broke with news of this year's Nobel Peace Prize joint winners, Al Gore and the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), there has been a flurry of attention and introspection stateside, especially on the former US presidential candidate (once ridiculed by George Bush as the "ozone man"), who has now transcended the pettiness of US politics to do so much to raise global awareness about climate change.

In India, there was much interest on the proceedings as well, but arguably also a sense of pride for the other half: the head of the IPCC is 67-year-old Indian scientist Dr. Rajendra Pachauri, who is also head of the Energy and Resources Institute, formerly known as Tata Energy Research Institute (TERI) of India, a well-known sustainable development and research non-profit in India.
Set up in 1988, the IPCC network itself consists of about 3,000 atmospheric scientists, oceanographers, ice specialists, economists and other experts and is one of the world's most widely-cited scientific authorities disseminating information on global warming and its impact — and in the past years has been pivotal in establishing the link between human activities and climate change.

Within minutes of a telephone call informing him of the decision, Pachauri told coworkers and reporters: "I can't believe it, I'm overwhelmed, stunned. I feel privileged sharing the award with someone as distinguished as Al Gore".

The usually quiet environs of Delhi's India Habitat Centre, where Pachauri's office is located, was quickly disrupted by an elated mob of co-workers, students and journalists.

"I expect this will bring the subject to the fore. I'm only a symbol of a much larger organisation, the IPCC, and it's really the scientific community that contributed to the work of the IPCC. They're the real winners of this award," Pachauri said, while someone in the background chanted triumphantly, "TERI, TERI, TERI."
::Times of India

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