India Backs Copenhagen Accord - Last Major Emitter To Do So

indian parliament photo

photo: Kartikeya Kaul via flickr.

India, the world's last major emitter to formally back the Copenhagen Accord, has done so. Environment Minister Jairam Ramesh said the decision reflected India's contributions in shaping the Accord. Ramesh went on to list the three conditions under which India will participate:1) The Accord is a political document and not a legally binding one. (Well we knew that...)

2) The Accord is not a separate negotiating track outside the UNFCCC framework. (Something discussed as a possibility due to the perceived increasingly unwieldy nature of trying to get so many countries to agree...)

3) The purpose of the Accord is to bring consensus in the ongoing two-track UNFCCC process. (Too bad the consensus is still not enough action quickly enough...)

The Economic Times quotes Ramesh as saying:

Listing in the [preamble] of the Accord implies that we participated in the negotiations on the Copenhagen Accord and that we stand by the Accord. The Accord could have value if the areas of convergence reflected in it are urged to help the parties reach agreed outcomes under the UN multilateral negotiations in the two tracks.

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