India and China Create Alternative Climate Treaty


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The two biggest polluters of the developing world have drafted an 'alternative' to the UN's climate treaty. It's an agreement to work together on climate issues, to reduce greenhouse gases and share clean technology. The deal could strengthen their position in climate talks, and foster a cooperative relationship on climate and energy issues.The nations, which have the two largest populations in the world, have both refused to sign any climate treaty with industrialized countries that would force them to adhere to binding emissions reduction targets. They say that such targets would stifle their growing economies..

According to the BBC, Jairam Ramesh, India's Environment Minister, said in a statement yesterday that "Internationally legally binding [greenhouse gas] reduction targets are for developed countries and developed countries alone, as globally agreed under the [2007] Bali action plan." But he maintains that he has never considered abandoning the tenets of the original Kyoto treaty, which he still supports.

So China and India have pledged to work together before Copenhagen, to "co-operate on technology development and reducing greenhouse gas emissions." Details about how exactly this will be accomplish remain unclear, but it seems that the nations are attempting to display a willingness to act, and show productive progress without focusing on carbon reduction targets.

Unity on the subject could strengthen the two giants' stances, and could help make a stronger case for industrialized nations to set their targets first and for both countries' requests for aid to cope with climate change.

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