Incredibly Beautiful PS3 Game Connects Players to Plants (video)

PS3 flower game image

Via Towleroad

A new game for the Playstation 3 has players fly through meadows as a gust of wind in a flower's dream. The goal is to carry petals to other flowers in order to progress to the next level. But the higher goal is to appreciate the gorgeousness of the plant world.

Read on to watch a trailer of the video game.While using a gaming console and television to drift over virtual hills and into valleys doesn't do any good for planet earth, we have to admit that the beauty of the game does something for the soul - which could lead to someone doing something for the earth.

A great way to use this game is to go out for an actual hike, in real hills, through real grass, and view real flowers, birds, and butterflies. Then come home and in the evening, settle into this flowing game to re-appreciate the ecosystem you just explored earlier in the day.

Via Towleroad
Thank you tipster Jake Schultz!

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