Incredible Growth for Solar Power Industry


The salmon-pink Financial Times reports today that the solar equipment industry is on a path to grow amazingly fast: From 20 billion dollars last year to 90 billion dollars in 2010. "Profit growth is expected to accelerate even faster, as costs are contained, pushing margins up to nearly 60 per cent." These high profits hopefully will mean more capital investments into production facilities and R&D; (which will help further decrease costs), and more companies entering that sector.

A 10-fold increase in production of high-purity silicon, the main material used to make solar panels, is also forecasted for 2015 by Photon Consulting, a German research group. In recent years, because the supply couldn't keep up with demand, silicon has reached prices as high as $300,000 (!) per tonne. ::Solar energy demand soars. See also (we recommend it strongly if you want to learn more about the solar industry): ::Video: Past, Present and Future of the Solar Industry

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