's "Green 50" Companies List


Writing in a story titled The Eco-Advantage. reports that they've listed the "most intriguing" green businesses: "...we narrowed the list to...The Green 50. The range of businesses is astonishingly wide, from high-tech firms making big bets on the future of energy to decidedly low-tech concerns that are simply determined to find a different way to do business. What their efforts add up to is a new way to think about being in business. We're betting that most of them will be around for several business cycles to come". Why not the 'Astonishing 50' - which could be a nice promotional trailer right before "An Inconvenient Truth?" Anyhow, we looked over the Green 50, and copied the list for you below the fold. and TreeHugger seem to have common interests.Readers note: the following list is the same as the "Green 50," except that the links included here are to TreeHugger archival references instead of to other articles. You can see the original Green 50 here. Where no link is included on the following list, it that means TreeHugger has not posted on it.

. Interface
. Eden Foods
. Clif Bar
. Seventh Generation
. Stonyfield Farm
. Collins Cos.
. Burgerville
. Hayward Corp.
. GreenOrder
. Pantheon Chemical
. Ryzex Group
. New Leaf Paper
. Gridpoint
. Cilion
. CoalTek
. EnerTech Environmental
. Energy Innovations
. Verdant Power
. Nanosolar
. GreenFuel Technologies
. GreatPoint Energy
. BlackLight Power
. ReCellular
. Excellent Packaging & Supply
. TerraCycle
. Recycline
. Frog's Leap Winery
. Comet Skateboards
. New Belgium Brewery
. NaturaLawn of America
. Konarka Technologies
. Memorial Ecosystems
. Seahorse Power
. Southwest Windpower
. Affordable Internet Services Online
. Teko Socks
. Vivavi
. Voltaic Systems
. Zoots