In Transition: The Transition Movement Documentary

Documentary Follows Community Responses to Peak Oil and Climate Change
When Leonora reviewed the Brit climate docudrama Age of Stupid, she was not entirely impressed. "A lot of stick and not much carrot", is the shortened version of her verdict. So I'd imagine she'll be super excited about In Transition, an hour long documentary about the Transition Movement - a rapidly spreading community-lead response to peak oil and climate change that we've been following keenly here at TreeHugger. The good news is the movie is almost ready - click below the fold for Transition Town founder Rob Hopkins' take on it, and to find out when and where you can get a peak. Rob himself compares In Transition to "Age of Stupid", suggesting that the two complement each other perfectly:

We are delighted to announce the near-launch of ‘In Transition’, the hour-long documentary about Transition. The film is the work of director Emma Goude, with production by Smith and Watson, and with input from Transition communities around the world. For those of you who felt the Age of Stupid only told one half of the story, here is the other half. It tells the story of the generation that looked peak oil and climate change square in the face, and responded with creativity, compassion and genius. We think you’re going to love it.

The filming of the movie has itself been a community lead effort - and Transition Culture has an archive dedicated to the making of In Transition. The premier will be held online from the Transition Conference on Saturday May 23rd at 1.45pm (GMT), and we can't wait.

In the meantime, check out some links below to read up on this exciting and influential social movement that is sweeping the globe as we speak.

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