In Transition 1.0: Transition Towns Documentary Available Free (Video)

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Image credit: The Transition Network

When I posted the trailer for In Transition—the documentary about the Transition Towns movement as a response to peak oil and climate change—commenter CB was less than enamored with the film making style. Maybe now CB can judge the entire movie, as the makers have just released the entire thing for viewing free on YouTube. Click below the fold for parts one and two. The talk of impending peak oil and climate change might give fodder to those who talk about the dark side of transition towns, but the ultimate message is one of hope—namely that it's time to roll up your sleeves and get engaged with the challenges we face.

I've yet to watch the whole thing, so I hope the initial focus on local action is also backed up by strong calls to engage on the regional, national and international scale—an obviously vital piece of the puzzle. But from first viewing, this looks like a great synopsis of a movement that is spreading across the world. Visit the Transition Network's YouTube channel for the complete documentary, or order the In Transition DVD including a whole bunch of extra features from Transition Culture.

In Transition: Part 1 of 6

In Transition: Part 2 of 6

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