In the Footprint of Severe Drought, Texas Wildfire Burns 275 Power Poles

March 7, 2006 US Drought Severity Map.jpg

From station KAMR of Amarillo TX: "...fires have knocked out power to a 700,000 acre area. Xcel Energy says it will take up to three weeks to get power back to more than 500 homes and businesses. The company says it will take a while to do it safely. Xcel Energy reports 275 power poles were destroyed in the fires." There are larger environmental points to be made from this local disaster. Drought drives fire, and regional drought is spreading across a portion of the US where solar input already favors solar photovoltaic (SPC) electicity generation. Add this to the power line downing from tropical storms, and we see paired, powerful forces turning interest to residential and commercial on-site generation. A good thing, as long as fire and hurricane protection measures are taken when green power sytems go in. Where Climate Change bites, green technology must follow. Take note TreeHuggers: the Deep South may take the lead in per capita on-site generation of solar power.