In Tel Aviv, Earth Hour Cyclists Put the Pedal to the Metal

It happened two days before Earth Hour everywhere else and true to their promise, cyclists were out powering the rock concert in Tel Aviv that brought out some 40,000 people at Rabin Square last night. Karen Chernick from Green Prophet reports that "As the Tel Aviv City Hall lights were turned off...the numerous cyclists powering the Earth Hour concert took their places...At exactly 8 p.m., Israeli President Shimon Peres ceremoniously turned off the lights in the Azrieli Tower and simultaneously the lights of the City Hall - behind the stage of the concert - were shut off as well. It was dark. But then the music started."
Very appropriately, posts Karen, "for a concert attempting to raise awareness about global warming, Knesiat Hasechel began with one of their more well-known songs whose chorus includes the line: 'Tell me it’s hot, tell me it’s cold.' A short clip of the band playing that song, as well as the surrounding darkness, can be seen above."

The energy, we are told, was supplied by Joshua and the carbon offset company the Good Energy Initiative, who we've featured here.

Is powering the night with a rock concert during Earth Hour cheating? Read our last post and comments on the debate. ::Human Pedalers to Power Concert During Earth Hour

See the cyclists in action:

::Green Prophet

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