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While San Diego was not considered a very green city just a few years ago, this sunny patch of paradise is quietly coming into its own by leaps and bounds. Enough businesses are seeing the light, and new green ones are opening all the time, that this year heralds their very own Go Green (coupon) Book, which offers over 100 coupons to local environmental stores, eateries, services, recreational activities and an entire category for "other." Read on to find out how to get one. Remember those thick coupon books that schools and sports teams were always pawning off on your mom. 'Just $25 and you could save hundreds of dollars in buy one get one free -type deals?' Well, the Go Green Book is similar, only focused solely on supporting local green businesses. This is a great introduction to green in San Diego, as many of these businesses are still relatively new, but it also gives companies that are not particularly green a chance to feature their greener side to regular customers. For people traveling to San Diego for vacation, this coupon book might be a great way to sample the city. With coupons to things like the Wild Animal Park, and other activities, as well as eateries and places to get green gifts to take home, the book could easily pay for itself in a week just with the savings alone. When you leave to go home, pass the book off to another tourist (or even a local) and share the green love.

Also included in the book are helpful green San Diego lifestyle tips, such as which seafood to avoid (especially important for this city by the sea), how to find area farmers markets and how to get more gas mileage out of your car. A portion of the proceeds from each sale will go to help the following local organizations: San Diego Regional School Garden Resource Center, Project Wildlife, and the Rady Children's Hospital. The book itself is printed on 100% recycled paper with soy-based inks.

You can order your copy online now or wait and get one directly starting August 1, 2009 from schools, nonprofits, bookstores, and natural food stores. Interested in getting your green store in the 2010 edition? Contact them before June 15, 2009 to find out more details and pricing. Interested in selling these books as a fundraiser for your school or community group? Contact them now to get started. :Go Green Book
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