In Face of Climate Change, Australian Politicians Scrap Green Vouchers for Schools


In a move that has us scratching our heads, the Australian government has scrapped plans to offer $50,000 grants to schools working to reduce their carbon footprint by installing rainwater tanks and solar hot water systems as methods to help slow climate change.

Granted, the program was estimated to cost $336 million over the next four years, but with climate change a top priority one would think that grants to schools to help reduce energy usage while educating kids at the same time would be, in fact, a top priority as well.
And although roughly 3000 schools have already received their grants to make energy-saving, climate protecting improvements through this program, the remaining 6000 schools are now left hanging in limbo waiting for a replacement program.

As Eric Noel, an environmental activist and moving force behind the creation of the original program points out, "Why discontinue green vouchers? It is likely to cost millions of dollars simply to rebadge the program and call it something else. Why not keep the existing program and improve it as promised?"

Hmmm . The whole thing sounds a lot like bureaucracy functioning at it's "finest" to me. And a great example of why so many people are skeptical of governments being able to find solutions to the issue of climate change with enough time left to actually make a difference at all.

I say thumbs down to the folks in Australia who can't get it together on giving schools the funding to do what is needed.

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via:: The Age

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