In China, You Can't Be Green If You Wear Fur


Thank goodness the developed world is not subject to such fractiousness. Otherwise, how would anything positive be accomplished by Kyoto signatories in the face of climate disaster? Via: The Electric New Paper:- At China's annual session of parliament, the actress Gong Li "put forward a proposal to clean up the environment. However, after the state-run media splashed photos of the star with a fur over her shoulders, there have since been cries for her removal from the political body, reported AFP...A youth website did an online poll and found that of the more than 12,000 respondents, 52 percent said Gong Li had no right to serve in the lower house, while 26 percent said she was vastly unqualified...Others felt that it was 'shameless' for her to wear fur while talking about the environment, and some even called for her to be 'punished'." The context for the actress' statement, apparently, was "the importance and urgency of processing garbage, sewage and excess gas,..." Indeed. Image credit: China Information

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