In California, Issues are as Important as Candidates

vote sign photo

Photo credit: kristin_a (Meringue Bake Shop)/Creative Commons

You've no doubt heard it from all corners for the past several months—"Vote on Nov. 2nd!" We repeat it endlessly because it is important. So much is at stake this election and your vote is critical.

Our issues are on the ballot in many places, especially California, where two major ballot propositions are threatening clean energy, jobs and the fight against global warming. Big Oil is funding both initiatives so the dirty energy industry can keep profiting from pollution.Propositions 23 and 26 pose a dangerous one-two punch to California's clean energy future. While Proposition 23 would effectively kill California's landmark climate legislation, Proposition 26 lets polluters off the hook and forces taxpayers to pay to clean up the damage polluters do to our state.

The Sierra Club is working against Propositions 23 and 26 in order to promote the creation of good jobs through the development of a clean energy future in America.

And we're working nationwide as well because polluters are again pouring tens of millions of dollars into campaigns supporting propositions and candidates that will protect their regulatory loopholes and massive subsidies.

According to a report released last week by Center for American Progress Action Fund, the oil industry and special interests have already poured $68.5 million into campaigns this election season.

This is a sad and frightening trend, but we can stand up to these special interests on Election Day by voting for our issues and the candidates who will help create a clean energy economy to the U.S.

Don't let Big Oil and Big Coal buy the election. Vote on Nov. 2nd to create a clean energy economy, jobs, and to protect the environment.

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