ImagiPLAY Toys Creates Neat Line of Eco-Friendly Puzzles for Kids of All Ages

Rocking Horse photo

After last year’s seemingly endless summer of toxic toy revelations, it’s been awhile since we made a whole lot of neat toy recommendations here at TreeHugger. But it seems there’s a great set of 3D Puzzles from ImagiPlay that just may be able to help entertain your little one this summer between trips to the beach and time spent outdoors rediscovering nature itself.

With a Rocking Horse, Lion, Elephant & Calf, Clown Car, Train, Tugboat and Cow and Calf available, these ImagiPLAY toys are fair trade, sustainable, and non-toxic so you won’t have to worry a bit about how they were produced, where they came from, or what they might do to your child if they pick one up and put it in their mouth.
And they stand up when you’re through putting them together, which means they can spend time doubling as a neat conversation piece when they’re not spread out on the floor.

Prices range from $12-$20, so they’re certain to be as easy on your wallet as they are on your world.

via: Treehugging Family
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