IKEA UK To Go 100 Percent Renewable

ikea store logo photo

photo via IKEA

You may not like their particleboard furniture, but you've sure got to love IKEA's use of renewable energy. The Swedish retailer is stepping up their clean energy game in a big-time way in the UK, setting a goal to get all of its energy from renewable sources. It wants to be 80 percent there by 2015.
IKEA is now installing 39,000 solar panels on the rooftops of its UK stores, and it recently purchased a 12.3-MW wind farm in Huntly, Scotland. This single purchase creates enough clean energy to power 30 percent of IKEA's UK electricity consumption.

Why is IKEA doing this? One reason is to safeguard itself from fluctuating energy prices. It already has wind farms in Denmark, Germany, France, and elsewhere in the UK, and it spends a huge number--$1.7 billion--on energy every year.

IKEA joins other progressively minded companies, like Google, that are serious about their carbon footprint. One has to wonder which company will be next. Greenpeace would like it to be Facebook, which has come under heavy pressure for choosing coal to power its data centers.

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