Ikea, Honda, Dell & Others Named 2010's Greenest Corporations

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To round out 2010, Greenopia released its report on the Corporate Leaders in Sustainability for 2010. After being rated on five criteria: green building design, supply chain, sustainability report, recycling, and stock, the top dogs, in seven categories, are:

According to Greenopia, each of these seven corporations has made major strides towards sustainability, despite their scale of operations. Patagonia "makes the greenest clothing on the market and has been a leader in the industry every step of the way." Pizza Fusion is an up-and-coming restaurant chain whose dedication to sustainability is off the charts:

This is how green is done. Pizza Fusion tackled an incredible amount of green projects for a food chain. All of its projects are LEED certified and/or have substantial elements of green building design incorporated in them. Their pizza is made with organic ingredients and delivered by hybrid delivery vehicles. Pizza Fusion even goes as far as to have their employees wear organic cotton uniforms. Finally, and our personal favorite, Pizza Fusion has a take back incentive for their used pizza boxes. If you return the pizza box, you get a discount on your order. What a great way to promote recycling and reuse.

Ikea, whose green-ness we've debated, gets lots of love (and little criticism) from Greenopia:

Simply put, Ikea has done a lot. Ikea takes great care to make sure its products are free of banned substances and made in a responsible manner. Ikea has also gone to great lengths to work with its suppliers that products are made in an eco-friendly way. Ikea offers a comprehensive take-back program for packaging, batteries, CFLs, and other items and all new stores are built using USGBC guidelines. Almost half of Ikea's energy comes from renewable sources and it transports its products using efficient means.

So hats off to this year's winners, and good hunting to all for 2011!

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