Ikea Give Out 60,000 Free CFLs


Ikea have been attempting to green all aspects of their company in recent years. First it was their products and stores, but now its taking the interesting step of trying to green its staff. Last Christmas they gave each of them a folding bicycle to encourage them to stop driving to work, and now they're giving each of them 6 CFL bulbs — that's almost 60,000 bulbs. They've also promised to replace them when they stop working.

This gift-giving will cost £45,000, which is very reasonable considering just how many bulbs we're talking here. Bulk buying on this scale represents a very good deal, but the most impressive part is that they estimate that it will save their workforce almost ten times that in energy bills, £400,000.Charlie Browne, environment manager at Ikea, said, "Every new worker will also get a pack of bulbs as part of their package when they join the company. We have been taking measures to save energy at our stores and we also have an obligation to educate our co-workers."

Thoughtfully, the company has set up a disposal scheme for spent bulbs, and admit that it is not a long-term solution. "The bulbs do contain mercury so they are not a panacea," said Browne. "We are aware we have to look at different ways of doing these things in future."

Perhaps greening staff is a more cost effective way to cut emissions than greening stores. We should take this kind of action into consideration when judging just how green a company is. :: The Guardian

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