IKEA to Expand US Solar Investment to 75% of Stores

ikea store logo photo

In the UK, IKEA has bought a 12MW wind farm and is planning to install 39,000 solar panels on its stores and is planning to run on 100% renewable energy. In the US, the Swedish furniture chain has recently expanded its solar installations across California and the East Coast and has now announced, according to Market Watch, that it will now be installing solar on all IKEA stores in the Southern US. The commitment means a full 75% of US IKEA stores will now feature solar installations, and it is also notable because the company plans to own the installations outright, rather than lease them.

Given IKEA's well publicized concern about future energy price volatility, this could prove an influential move by a forward thinking corporation. So which big box retailer will be next in adopting a corporate green stimulus package?

IKEA to Expand US Solar Investment to 75% of Stores
Swedish furniture retailer expands an already-impressive clean energy program to cover all stores in the Southern US.

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