IKEA Buys 12MW Wind Farm, Plans 39,000 Solar Panels

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Ahh, IKEA. On the one hand, says Lloyd, it confuses shoppers, promotes clutter, and exploits workers. On the other hand, it has some impressive sustainability initiatives, and has even made waiting for the bus more comfortable. Now, reports Bloomberg, IKEA has bought a 12MW wind farm in Scotland, and plans to install 39,000 solar panels (totaling 2.1MW) on 10 of its stores. It turns out that businesses are concerned about energy volatility. Who'd have thought it? Here's more on the initiative from Bloomberg:

Ikea now owns 67 wind turbines providing 127 megawatts of capacity, and is looking to add more British wind farms to its portfolio, Howard said.

"The wind turbines in the U.K. are a first step, and we'll expand on that," he said. "This is a message to developers out there that we're looking for good projects in the right places, and we're keen to diversify in terms of the regions."

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