IIDA Sustainable Leadership Awards — Get Yourselves Nominated

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Following the leader: While we all work as hard as we can in our respective 'green' fields there are always some who work harder than others. Streaking up ahead, there are certain individuals or groups who are always ahead of the pack, paving the way and we do our best to follow in their mighty footsteps. These are the inspirers, the enthusers, the impassioned. We know they are out there and we know that many of them are you guys - we’ve written about a lot of you! So leaders here is great opportunity to get some serious recognition for all your hard work. The Sustainable Leadership Awards are organised by the International Interior Design Association to recognise outstanding contributions in environmental practices within the architecture and design industry. The awards aim to unite the principals of best practices, design and development excellence and sustainable leadership. There are four catagories: Architecture and interior architecture/interior design firms; For-profit companies with sales over $5 billion, including global/multinationals; For-profit companies and enterprises with sales under $5 billion; Not-for-profit organizations including both government and private sector organizations. The deadlines for entries is March 1st, so hurry up and check out here what you need to do to get nominated.