Ignore Lovelock


Professor James Lovelock's growing cynicism about the future of Earth seems to be inadvertently setting the political trap being built by the climate change denialists, who are poised for the "its too late...why worry" strategy.

If Professor Lovelock is correct in his assertion that it is indeed too late to prevent a climate catastrophe, our great grand children are doomed. But, if he is wrong in this single minded view, and if we lend credibility to his throw-in-the-towel stance, we drive the future in a direction where apocalypse is assured by handing the denialists a propaganda victory before the real political battle of Kyoto II ensues. Rejection of his thesis is different than ignoring fate. It is a strategy of love.

There's no need to prove or challenge: just ignore it.

Cutting greenhouse gases and switching to sustainable development are unlikely to prevent disasters caused by climate change, one of the world's most respected environmentalists warns today.

Professor James Lovelock, the leading independent environmental scientist [sez who?], claims that even the most pessimistic outcomes predicted by the UN's Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) fail to recognise the speed with which global warming will progress.

In a speech at the Royal Society, Prof Lovelock will describe how he has arrived at an "apocalyptic view" of the future, in which 6 to 8 billion people face diminishing food and water supplies in an increasingly intolerable climate.

Via:: Guardian Unlimited, "It's too late for greenhouse gas cuts, says scientist" Image credit::Big Ear, Lovelock in His Laboratory