Idaho State Senator Answers 'Call Of The Wild' - Supports Ignoring Federal Environmental Law

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I enjoy the idea of wolves in the wild - eying me as the competition - and remember a night spent in a cabin long ago surrounded by disturbing howls. On the next morning's hike I saw the blood of their prey soaking deeply into the snow, packed down during the kill, with bits of hair and hide and bones scattered about. I never felt more alive than at that moment.

On the other hand, I don't have any skin in the cattle business.

The mere mention of the US Fish & Wildlife Service-reintroduced wolves gets some people growling to the point I worry about the law of the pack overtaking US Democracy. Example: an Idaho State Representative was recently reported to have boasted that the State's Governor asked (or would ask) State officials to not enforce Federal laws treating wolves as endangered (as detailed below the fold). Little Red Riding Hood Rides Again
From the Billings Gazette:

Idaho officials are disputing a claim by Republican Rep. Denny Rehberg of Montana that Idaho won't enforce federal protection of wolves.
Truth is, there are people who might not wait for legal sanction to shoot a wolf. One day a radio tag stops moving, making a biologist suspect the obvious, and that's the end of it.

The solution?
A politician should be able to get all the players in a room, belly to belly, and not let them out until they find a compromise that suits more of the people most of the time, and Idaho ranchers in the worst of times. (The invitation should probably specify that no AK-47's are to be brought to the event for photo op purposes.)

There has to be one politician of that stature left standing in Idaho. A Hunter who believes in Democracy and the rule of law over fang and claw.

Sugar or lemon with your tea?
I have a feeling that much of the anti-wolf positioning has more to do with making the Federal government out to be a Big Bad Wolf - picking up on and amplifying the anti-government cheer leading and posturing on radio and TV these days - and less to do with overcoming actual personal risk or financial loss caused by wolves.

From the viewpoint of Idaho, I'd guess there's resentment about 'vegan pagans' in coastal cities controlling their lives. While for the Coasters, it's the idea that if you ruthlessly eradicate the call of the wild just to protect beef profits, you deny all children a chance to find out 'who's afraid of the big bad wolf? and who's not? On public land very often.

This disagreement reminds me of city people disdainful of rural life...and from those in the countryside who are equally alienated from life in the city - 'would rather die than live there' they say to me.

Peak Oil will one day bring people together from town and country. For now, the howling goes on, I guess.

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