"I Never Considered Myself a Maverick" John McCain Tells Newsweek, in Most Maverick-y Move Yet?


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John McCain is evidently so much of a maverick that he denies even ever having been a maverick! McCain's extremely conservative primary challenger in Arizona is giving the senator a tougher fight than anticipated, and as a result, the one-time presidential hopeful is tacking to the right. In so doing, he explained in a recent Newsweek interview that "I never considered myself a maverick." Now that's either shameless, shameless pandering--or McCain's most maverick-y move yet . . .See, only a true maverick would go to incredible lengths to brand himself as such to an entire nation of people, then tell them to their faces that it was all a joke. That takes guts. I mean just watch this (via Talking Points Memo):

And then, after all that, it turns out he wasn't even really a maverick!

But seriously, this is depressing. One of the reasons McCain was able to (semi) successfully brand himself as a maverick in the first place was his ability to reach across the aisle--notably, on issues like climate change. This is a sobering reminder that the days are long gone when the once-admirable senator was known for sticking to his guns, and fighting for what he believed in. And those things once included working to preserve a livable climate by fighting global warming and promoting a clean energy economy.

Now he's reduced to engaging in the most extreme pandering and brazen truth-bending even few political observers have ever seen--I suppose it does take some kind of maverick to pander so unrepentantly. I mean, come on--fudge truths, give elusive answers, whatever. Just don't tell us you never thought of yourself as a maverick. That's just insulting our intelligence.

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