I Buy Different - a New Web Resource for Tweens

"Young people are a growing consumer force. Youth purchases amounted to $170 billion last year, almost double the $99 billion this age group spent in 1994. Generation Y is the largest age group since the Boomers: along with their size comes unprecedented discretionary spending and influence. What if they were to use this buying power on stuff that's better for the environment?"The Center for a New American Dream and World Wildlife Fund (WWF) have got together to pass on information to this audience. Earlier this year they launched Be Different, Live Different, Buy Different—Make a Difference, a campaign "to engage youth in consumer action such as choosing environmentally friendly products that are currently available, as well as advocating for more options."

The campaign website, ibuydifferent offers youth "a unique place to explore the connections between common products and their hidden impacts on the environment. Along with lots of consumer information, the site features an online resource conservation calculator, shopping tips, and a free, downloadable Community Action Guide." [by WM] (Well, really, the above was so succinctly put, I pulled most of it directly from their site.)