"I Apologize." Will We Hear These Words From Politicians and the Polluting Class?

I apologize.

Those are the words that kept leaping to mind on the morning of October 30th as I stepped outside by apartment in Lower Manhattan, its basement flooded, to survey the Hurricane Sandy damage, wandering up Avenue C to try to see the state of the affairs at the ConEd station I had heard explode the previous evening, seconds before my electricity went out.

I apologize. I was wrong.

Those are the words I keep wanting to hear come out of Mitt Romney's mouth about his asinine comments about cutting disaster relief funding, about apparently buying "donations" at a Sandy relief event he hosted because actual donations weren't photogenic enough, and about mocking the very idea that anyone should care about sea level rise, environmental protection, and climate change.

I apologize. I didn't do enough.

Those are the words I want to hear from Mitt Romney and Barack Obama alike, for not taking climate change seriously on the campaign trail, or the debates, for outright avoiding the issue. I want to here them from the oily members of Congress taking money from to shill for the fossil fuel industry to obstruct meaningful action on climate change, on clean energy, on doing anything that might force their oily overlords to change the way they do business, for continually obstructing international action on climate, for being the near lone dissenting voice as people are already dying from climate disasters, both near and far.

I apologize. I didn't accept this sooner.

Those are the words this nation's leaders should be uttering right now. The people of the United States have known this for a while even if politicians and the polluting class have actively averted their eyes to it all.

I apologize. I'm sorry I didn't get it until it was too late.

That is the only sentiment I will accept from those in the political and corporate class of the United States right now who've said climate change is too expensive to deal with now. We have no excuses anymore to hide behind.

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