Hydrogen Hybrid Fuel Cell Taxis Ready For London 2012 Olympics

Hydrogen Hybrid Taxi graphic

A fleet of hybrid fuel cell taxis is on the drawing board for London's 2012 Olympic games. The project, driven by Lotus Engineering, London Taxis International (LTI) and Intelligent Energy, is to design a hydrogen-fueled fuel cell to be mounted inside LTI's current T4 taxi design, with the fuel cell providing electricity to the wheel-mounted electric motor.

The specs call for the taxi to run all day without refueling, have a maximum speed of 120 kilometers per hour and enjoy faster braking than gas-fueled cars. Critics of the taxi project say that the UK government should instead invest in extending Metro lines out to the east and southeast parts of the city, buying clean fuel cell or hybrid buses, and building an under Thames tunnel to ease traffic congestion. (Some money is coming from a £23 million government fund for low-carbon vehicles.) Lotus Engineering also received grants from that fund to come up with a "green" hybrid gas-electric limo based on a Jaguar. Interesting to know: will the low-emitting hydrogen Taxi have to pay carbon fees? Via ::AutoSpectator
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