Hydrogen Fueled Toy Car A Cool Gift Idea for Tech-Obsessed Kids of All Ages

Not so long ago I had the chance to check out a couple of cool gifts for kids this holiday season, and the Hydrogen Car available through Discovery was definitely one of them. Similar to the H-Racer, it combines a cool, futuristic look with fuel cell technology to teach kids of all ages about the benefits of clean technology development.

And while the car automatically avoids obstacles after bumping into them, the one real drawback is that it doesn’t go tremendously fast. So I suspect the eco-geek on your list may well enjoy it more than the kid who’s looking for the fastest machine in existence.
Also, there’s no way to control where it’s headed, and the tank of Hydrogen doesn’t last terribly long either.

But, the truth is as I said above… The average eco-geek will love it. And with Christmas just around the corner, it may make a really fun, educational, unique gift for that technology-obsessed kid on your list.

And alternatively, it may be something they’d like to pick up for themselves with some of their Christmas loot when the day is done. Let’s face reality, as the pockets of parents and grandparents across America empty for Christmas, it’s quite often the kids who are the one’s left holding a tidy stash to spend on a cool toy like this one the day after.

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via:: Discovery Store

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