Hybrid Owners of America Pushes for New, Better Tax Incentives


New non-profit Hybrid Owners of America bills itself as "a new and 100-percent independent organization created to organize and advocate for the interests of the more than half a million Americans who already own hybrid gas-electric cars and other highly fuel-efficient vehicles." That many hybrid owners means a lot of organizing and advocating, but HOA is already off to an ambitious start with its campaign for a "hybrid-friendly agenda" in Washington, DC. Among the initiatives the organization wants Congress and the White House to support are broader and more permanent tax incentives for hybrid buyers, additional incentives for converting traditional models to plug-in hybrids, increased federal purchasing of gas-electric vehicles, and support for US automakers' research and development of hybrid technology by helping out with health care costs (the Barack Obama plan). HOA believes such government action could push the number of hybrid owners closer to one million, which they claim would save the US one million gallons of gasoline a day.

You can support this agenda by emailing leaders through the campaign site. You can also join the organization, whether you own a hybrid or not, to also show your belief that hybrids are one personal transportation option that can do a lot of good for the economy, the environment, and public health. ::Hybrid Owners of America via SustainableBusiness.com