Hundreds of Dolphins Stranded in Manila Bay (Video)

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Dozens of fishing boats have come together for form a rescue fleet to keep hundreds of dolphins from stranding themselves inside Manila Bay, Philippines. Experts are working to figure out how it happened in the first place.

Read on for details and a video of the situation.It might have been an underwater quake that disoriented the dolphins, or perhaps following a sick leader, but whatever the reason, hundreds of dolphins are now swimming around waist-deep water at the mouth of Manila Bay.

Fishing boats worked together yesterday to keep them from beaching themselves and to escort them back to deep water, though three dolphins have already been found in bad condition dead near the beach.

We'll keep an eye on the story to see how the dolphins faired, and the cause of the disorientation.

Via Reuters

The dolphins are melon-headed dolphins, a threatened species, and a beaching this size is a very rare occurrence. The three dolphins found dead had damaged ear drums, which would explain disorientation, though the cause is still unknown. If the eardrums of all the dolphins are injured, their safe return to the deep water might not necessarily save them if they're unable to hunt.
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