Human Powered Vending Machine Coming to Times Square

human vending machine image

Finally, a purpose for mimes: lock them in a glass box and turn them into a human vending machine. Alas, it is not completely human powered. Uniqlo tells New York Magazine:

"Basically we’re going to have two mimes. A male and a female mime inside the machine. And the public can see them through glass. When you get there, we’re going to have Uniqlo reps dressed in the silver bodysuits. And they’re going to hold a thermograph scanner — think of an airport security machine. The thermographer identifies cold spots in your body. After you go through that, you go to the vending machine and push a button and the mimes are going to do a synchronized choreographed routine and then your outfit comes out."
uniqlo container store image

This is not the first time the Japanese clothing company has made the news; PSFK tells us that two years ago they hired LOT-EK to design a pop-up shop out of a shipping container.

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