Huffpo Comes To Canada, Looks More Green Than Orange


The Huffington Post introduces a Canadian edition with the back of Opposition Leader Jack Layton's head and a headline ORANGE SHADOW, but if you look at their list of local bloggers, it's really green, at least at launch. Right at the top you have David Suzuki on our favourite subject, writing Burn Calories, Not Gas: Ride a Bike


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Suzuki writes:

Riding a bike is good for your health and the environment. As the Vancouver Area Cycling Coalition points out in its promotion of Bike to Work Week (May 30 - June 5 in several Canadian cities), cycling to work is enjoyable, helps you get and stay in shape, and burns off stress. And when you consider gridlock and traffic, it's often as fast as or faster than driving. It's also way more efficient than car travel. According to the WorldWatch Institute, a bicycle needs 35 calories per passenger mile, while a car uses 1,860.

Green Party Leader Elizabeth May is there, writing If I Were Prime Minister...

Ministers of natural resources, industry, environment, transport and finance would be mandated to develop plans to create hundreds of thousands of new jobs in maximizing energy efficiency in transportation, heating and cooling of buildings and industrial applications, while ramping up renewable energy. The Athabasca oil sands (tar sands) would not receive any new federal permits to expand production, until the energy and water input to each barrel of oil and the pollution created was significantly reduced. The government as a whole would re-commit to meaningful greenhouse gas (GHG) reduction targets throughout the economy, in close consultation with provincial, territorial and First Nations governments.

Greenpeace Director Bruce Cox writes about Ontario's Nuclear Ostriches:

As they say in the old Monty Python skit, "this parrot is not dead." The nuclear industry is resilient. It has survived accidents at Three Mile Island and Chernobyl with panache and confidence intact. Cost overruns, design faults and multi-year delays in construction are merely water off their back. The proponents of nuclear generation are like ancient puzzle masters, more interested in solving the complex problem of nuclear generation than providing consumers with what they need: clean, safe and affordable electricity.

There are a few losers in the bunch (Stephen LeDrew?) and really, Editor at Large Heather Reisman already has a full time job running a bookstore. Almost all of the commenters are crazed about the Canadian version highjacking the American Huffpo. But as Michael Kinsley might say, It is a Worthwhile Canadian Initiative.

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