How We Drove In 2008 Compared To 2007: The Final Word

percent change individual travel 2007 2008 image

Percent Change In Individual US Monthly Vehicular Travel, 2007 vs. 2008

The US Department of Transportation, Federal Highway Administration, has published the data upon which this graphic was based. For the raw data, see December 2008 Traffic Volume Trends, Individual Monthly Motor Vehicle Travel in the U.S. for December 2008, here. Obviously, rural interstate driving took the biggest hit from gas price increases. Anybody up to the challenge of correlating national average gasoline prices with the several curves shown? How well do the correlations support the gas tax argument?

Notes: X-axis represents 12 months of the respective years; Y-axis is relative reduction in individual miles traveled per month. I personally plotted the lines based on the USDOT data as presented at the link shown. The only data transformation performed was to limit to the tens place, which is only proper.

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