How Transition Towns Embrace Collaborative Learning (Video)

transition southeast gathering photo

Image credit: Act On CO2

While Alex Steffen may think Transition Towns have a dark side, and even I have been concerned about some transitioners tendency to assume that the collapse of capitalism is inevitable, one thing that this social movement does incredibly well is to help people organize. And by organize, I don't mean in the traditional sense of unified but top-heavy movements7mdash;I mean real, collaborative, open source networks of people learning from each other and evolving together. Act on CO2 have put together a video that illustrates this process perfectly. The video below was taken at the recent Transition South East conference in the UK. As it shows, rather than relying solely on the traditional format of speakers and audience members, perhaps with a Q&A; session thrown in—Transition events tend to throw the whole program out there for the participants to shape and mold as they see fit. The result is a highly collaborative, and usually informative mishmash of information.

Of course, there is a danger—as with any such event—that it's just another talking shop. But with Transition Towns around the world creating community nut tree orchards, local currencies, and collective 'permablitz' working groups—being accused of being "all talk and no action" is not something the Transition movement needs to worry too much about.

Transition South East Conference from Ian Lawton on Vimeo.

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