How to Turn Your Parents Green!

Ever wonder how to turn your parents green? Well, author James Russell set out to answer just that question, and in a most entertaining manner too I might add.

Meet the Greens and the Groans... The Greens being kids who get the problem of global warming and the general environmental mess we're in while the Groans (their parents) are busy causing most of the trouble without a world of care or an inch of interest in solving the problem.

Of course the book is quick to point out there's lots a kid can do...

Like starting with a great green contract for your parents to sign, humorously of course, and providing advice and information across a variety of environmental problems, but particularly focused around global warming. In fact, just one part of the contract to canoodle your parents into signing includes the phrase "nor am I desirous that they (my kids) should have to evolve into aquatic organisms in order to contend with rising sea levels."

All told, I thought this book was a great gift idea for parents to get their kids for the holidays or any time thereafter. It's fun, available through Tangent Books, and would definitely provide your kids with tons of great green ammunition and a reason for using it!

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via:: Tangent Books