How to Profit (or not) from Climate Change

A Canadian investment firm , Sprott Asset Management, has produced a report studying the financial implications of climate change. Conclusions: Economic changes will be just as severe. Watch out for massive commodity price swings and a huge buildup of nuclear capacity. Prepare for hyperinflation and buy gold. Forget about biofuels. "As oil prices surge, the incentive to produce energy from vegetable oils heightens," the authors predict."This in turn is likely to result in the increased cultivation of plants like palm and soybeans, used to make biofuels. When we take into consideration the potential shortages of food crops that may result from an abrupt climate change, it is likely that governments will soon be facing a choice between feeding people and feeding SUVs." :: PDF: Investment Implications of Abrupt Climate Change and if that is too depressing, read ::The Onion.

UPDATE: Read what Andrew Leonard of Salon says about this.