How To Market Alternative Fuels 101


We wonder what our marketing friends at Seth Godin or PSFK will say about Terror Free Oil,- that's a name that will drive business! Opening in Omaha in February, it is the first of a chain of stations from the Terror-Free Oil Initiative , dedicated to encouraging Americans to "buy gasoline that originated from countries that do not export or finance terrorism." and "We are also looking into creating a healthy debate concerning alternate methods of fuel production and consumption." It is a startlingly graphic demonstration of how security is trumping global warming when it comes to energy in America- as the New York Times said in an article today: "The intertwined goals of developing domestic energy resources and reducing global warming gases are not necessarily in step with each other....while all kinds of domestic energy technologies are being advanced in the name of energy independence, most of the money and attention are still focused on the dirty but cheaper standbys: offshore oil, oil sands and coal, in all its various incarnations, from straight out of the pit to black-coal liquid. "You have fossil fuels competing with renewable fuels," said Benjamin Kroposki, a senior scientist at the Renewable Energy Laboratory. "Renewables lose every time." Via ::Myninjaplease

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