How "System Innovation" Could Transform Food, Energy and Finance (Video)

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When I wrote about Maersk's gigantic, high-efficiency cargo ships last week, I talked about how these ships were not just likely deliver better efficiency themselves, but how they were being adopted as part of a broader, industry-wide effort to innovate holistic, all-encompassing solutions to pressing challenges. The organization spearheading this approach calls this "system innovation", and it's looking beyond shipping to apply the approach to the financial, food and energy industries. And it's produced a neat animation to reveal a little bit more about why this matters.

In many ways, both the challenges and the approach outlined by Forum for the Future above are analogous to the issues faced by individual activists and would-be followers of a greener lifestyle. As I noted in my post about why the green movement needs to understand leverage, not just footprints, we can all spend our days worrying about cutting our personal carbon footprint to the teeniest fraction possible, or we can look fpr opportunities to make changes that bring others along for the ride.

The fact is that the environmental and social challenges we face are systemic problems. That's why we need to look for systemic solutions too.

Like their previous animations of four scenarios for the megacities of the future, Forum for the Future do a great job, not just of convening leading thinkers on a particular subject, but unpacking the issues being tackled for a more mainstream audience too. The system is bigger than all of us, but we are all part of the system. Let's get innovating.

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