How Many Wind Turbines For US$122 Billion?


According to the March 31, 2006 London Daily Mail: - "The cost to the taxpayer of making Britain's nuclear power stations safe has soared to nearly £70 billion [US$122 billion], it emerged last night. Funding the cleanup of nuclear waste and decommissioning 20 civilian sites including Sellafield in Cumbria and Dounreay in Caithness, northern Scotland will cost far more than the original £48 billion estimate. The figure could be higher still because officials admitted they will not know the 'full costs' until 2008. And if the Government decided to reclassify plutonium as waste rather than as an asset, the costs would be pushed up by another £10 billion. The massive burden on the taxpayer was revealed as ministers confirmed the sale of British Nuclear Group, which will hand over control of Sellafield to the private sector". We thought this news item adds needed perspective to the notion that mitigating climate change with nuclear energy will be cost effective over the full life cycle. New sites will at some future point again have to be made "safe." Much of a wind turbine will have positive scrap value at the end of it's design life; while much of a nuclear generation station, and all of its uranium series waste will have a negative value.