How Localization Can Help Revive Our Economies

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From communities adopting cooperative business models to young people declaring "Share or Die", we've seen some innovative and resourceful responses to economic downturn. Now Rob Hopkins, founder of the Transition Town movement, has a great piece over at The Guardian's sustainable business section on why localism may hold the key to economic revival, and how Transition groups are helping to spearhead very real, very significant job creating initiatives on a local level:

So what are Transition groups doing on the ground in 2011 to make this happen? Lewes recently raised £307,000 from a community share launch which will create the UK's first community solar-power station on the roof of a local brewery. Transition Town Kingston has set up a new food co-op delivering vegetable boxes to local households. Transition Norwich is building a new flour mill and new community farms, having carried out a strategic study called "Can Norwich feed itself?"

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