How Green Was Your Valentine's Day?

Pit bull Valentine's Day Gift Photo

"Because Nothing Says, Happy Valentines Day, Like a Pit Bull"
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Valentine's Day gets a pretty bad wrap as far as not being particularly among the green variety, as holidays go. Not that any holiday is particularly green when you take part in the commercial fashion parade...This year, Treehugger and Planet Green offered a lot of ideas dedicated to the greening of your holiday. We offered tips on how to skip the commercial portion of Valentine's Day all together, and instead celebrate the day focusing on the only two things that really matter, your partner and yourself.

Instead of a Red Valentine's, Why Not Go Green
To do this, Planet Green served up some yummy Valentine recipes to get things heated in the kitchen before retiring to the bedroom (if you were able to wait that long). Then for those absolutely hell bent on getting your loved ones something, we suggested a few products with a lighter carbon footprint, than say a brand new Cadillac Escalade, 4 pounds of rose petals dumped into a bathtub, or 3-dozen heart shaped chocolate boxes.

A couple of my favorite products this year was the Heart is Hot, or a pick from the eco-friendly "toy" collection is always a hit, or if you really want to get your partner revved for the evening, how about snapping a few sexy boudoir photos from your digital camera (keep em' clean though, you never know where these might end up someday).

But probably my all-time favorite Valentine's gift idea this year would have to be the unscented elephant dung roses, because nothing says, I love you, like a bouquet of poo, eh? With that said, let's turn the mic over to you Treehuggers and see how exactly you chose to spend your Valentine's Day this year?

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