How Green Is The Economic Stimulus Plan? Search Online With This Tool

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As Andy Revkin over at the New York Times says, you need not share the world view of the Heritage Foundation to put their new Read The Stimulus online tool to good work:

You can search for pork, find hints of parochial interests, or seek evidence of spending on "climate," as Heritage's blog did earlier this week. There's a proposal in both bills to spend "$600 million for accelerating satellite development and acquisition, acquiring climate sensors and climate modeling capacity, and establishing climate data records" and the bills both also call for "not less than $140 million" for climate modeling.

As Read The Stimulus site says "$850 Billion, 1588 pages, and counting... Somebody needs to read it!" Though I'm not sure readers referred to it from Dot Earth or TreeHugger are really looking at the stimulus bill through the same lens as the Heritage Foundation...

via: The New York Times
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