How Do We Feel Post-Copenhagen?


Words, Words, and a Word Cloud of Our Responses
With such great expectations and such great limitations, any sort of agreement that came out of the Copenhagen summit was always going to be considered a deal and not a deal, as both a disappointing failure and a "significant step forward." And given that the deal's real meaning is still uncertain -- its real test will come when the US Senate picks up climate legislation again, or when countries submit more details next month, or begin preparing for the next round of climate talks in Bonn this summer -- we're left to our informed guesses and our guts.

Now that we've aired some of our immediate reactions (registered in the word cloud above, which you can click to expand), how are we all feeling now about what happened or didn't happen at Copenhagen? No need to join hands in a big confidence-building campfire circle; just tweet us with the hashtag #cop15reaction, hit us up on Facebook or leave a comment below.Speaking of which, one of Copenhagen's silver linings for me was how it illustrated the power of blogging and micro-blogging as tools not only for the enormous civil society movement but for the world at large. Remember that during the first week, Copenhagen was at times the most searched term on Twitter.

The reactions we've seen so far include disappointment with Obama, determined optimism, anger at Obama, new resolve, general mistrust and pleasure.

Now that we've had nearly a week to digest, is anyone feeling significantly differently? Or just the same as you felt in the days immediately following Copenhagen? Is anyone so exhausted they're having trouble feeling very much at all? Or are you so confused you're not sure how you feel?

Word cloud by Wordle

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